Welcome! (ようこそ!)

My name is Chelsea Elizabeth Lindsay. Yes, I have three first names. I respond to any of them. Just don’t call me Liz.

~Born by the sea in the ham capital of the world, this wayward animation fan looked to the West and saw the promise of something more. She is now at Elon University studying Cinema (with minors in Digital Art and Asian Studies) with hopes to one day create animated films of her own.

“Wait, doesn’t she also do 3D films? And where did you come from anyway, random disembodied voice?”

…Shush up and let me do my job. Anyway, here comes the promotional bit!

As a junior Cinema student, I have created and directed several short films and projects in both live-action and animation mediums. I also have experience in effects animation, art direction, editing, and 3D filmmaking. Professional experiences include an internship at Nickelodeon Animation Studios, several years’ experience in interactive children’s entertainment, and a position as Communications Director of Renegade Productions. With my Honors Fellows thesis film entering pre-production and a slate of smaller projects on the way, keep an eye out for more films posted to this site!

Want to learn more? Check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for personal updates and the latest in small-town filmmaking. You can also check out my reddit account, deviantArt account and LinkedIn profile, but email is the best way to reach me. Have fun on my site, but watch out- there be pirates and ponies afoot! (This is the internet, after all.)


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